Top 7 Places To Visit in Liberia?

Liberia- a country on the west African coast, also represented a renewed sense of liberty for former slaves. This land of lush green forests represents a nod to the homeland, as well as a country to rule on its own. However, growing from the roots of colonialism in West Africa was never going to be simple. The land area is 43,000 square miles, and its population is around 5 million. There are many attractions which you can explore.

Seven Top Attractions of Liberia

Sapo National Park

Sapo national park is a great way to explore the natural and forest life of Liberia. The Sapo National Park is the most well-known of Liberia’s two national parks. It is located in Sinoe and is the largest protected area of the rainforest. The Upper Guinean Rainforest’s 1,804 square kilometers region is reported to have one of the most significant animal biodiversity counts anywhere on the planet. As a result, Sapo national park is the most popular place in Liberia. If you are lucky enough, you can get a chance to say hi to white-crested Diana monkeys, crocodiles, leopards, speckle-throated otters, and chimpanzees.

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The king of all Liberia’s surfing locations, Robertsport has firmly established itself at the forefront of the country’s new tourist campaign.

Surf schools are also springing up to bring first-time surfers out on the waves, while others will just come to stroll the coastal lengths to view the beautiful expanses of Cape Mount Bay and the distinctive timber and stone churches.


Gbarnga, famous as the second most populated city of Liberia. This place offers a beautiful beach view. The beach settlement of Buchanan, located about three hours by rumbling bush taxi south of the capital of Monrovia, is an excellent introduction to the coastal character of this region of West Africa. The beaches are all completely undeveloped, with swaying palm palms and groups of local kids playing in the shallows. You will experience a perfect shade of African culture at this place.

Many people choose to camp here under the sky, while others may prefer hotels in the city. As a result, Gbarnga becomes an intriguing location to explore. Some people also prefer popular seaside sites when a few spectacular waterfalls and earthy guesthouses are added. For best deals on tickets, check Southwest Airlines Reservations.

Lofa-Mano National Park

The Lofa-Mano National Park has been renamed the Gola National Forest, situated in Gbarpolu and Grand cape mount cities. It is a vast expanse of primeval rainforest that stretches along its northern border with Sierra Leone. The location is full of natural landscapes, waterfalls. You can also see birds, small and big forest animals here. Some places inside the forest are incredibly untouched and pure. People also come here for research on forest life. You can see rare species of birds, plants, and animals in this forest.

The area contains everything you’d expect from an authentic West African wilderness, including one of the region’s densest surviving areas of Upper Guinean woodland.


Tourists will only flock to the laid-back Marshall’s ocean-side reaches for two reasons. The first is its scattering of deserted beaches, each surrounded by green patches of the palm forest and mangrove swamps and ideal for some genuinely adventurous camping on the Liberian coast. The second is the suitably titled Monkey Island archipelago. During the civil war, they were rescued from research labs and are now particularly fond of hanging on the boughs, mocking tourists, and catapulting luscious fruit from their branches at passing boats – be wary.


The city of Harper, located in the extreme south of Liberia, where the bends of the African panhandle give way to the beaches of the Ivory Coast, boasts both natural and human attractions. To begin, the coastlines to the northwest and south of town are surrounded by beautiful Robinson Crusoe sands, with swinging coconut trees bristling against the Atlantic gusts at their backs. Then there are the remains of Liberia’s original slave settlers, who are considered to have initially begun shaping the present state on the grounds of Cape Palmas, where Harper now sits. This heritage may be seen in the age-stained colonial frontispieces and arcaded plantation-style houses. Here you can explore beaches, go sea fishing, sightseeing, camping or boating. You can book Southwest Airlines tickets online from your nearest airport to visit Harper.


It is a beautiful small, and one of the most popular entry points to the Sapo. It is also known as the Seno rocket. Greenville is no stranger to travelers. The local people of Greenville are so friendly to guests. You can explore local markets and shops.

While most visitors merely fill up and move off to view the chimpanzees and unique jungles of the reserve, those who stay will discover a fascinating legacy of Liberia’s resettlement era. After all, the town still has the nickname of its namesake in Mississippi. There are also several intriguing settlements to explore up the Sinoe River’s courses, as well as some unspoiled beaches along the west coast. In addition, you can explore its sand beaches and its wave sound. The sunrise and sunset also seem beautiful from this place. So book your Southwest Airlines tickets and enjoy a sunset view on these golden beaches.

Best time to visit Liberia:

The best time to visit Liberia is December-January and the early days of February. The average temperature of Liberia in Jan is 21°C-31°C. You can also visit in May or the Rainy season.

Where to Stay:

Hotels, Resorts, and homestays are available in Liberia. Beachfront resorts, including the exquisite Libassa Lodge, an eco-hotel built in collaboration with the forestry authorities. Robert sport, with deserted golden beaches and a thick mane of the jungle, is one of the best places to enjoy a stay and view.

Liberia may be tiny, but it lacks natural beauty, so get out into the wild while you’re here. It is a land of waterfalls, lush green forests, and chimpanzees. This place has significant beauty and value and is worth visiting once in a lifetime so visit Southwest Airlines official Site and book your tickets.

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