Most Underrated Places to Visit in Belize City?

You may decide to extend your vacation in Belize because there is so much to do! Learn more about the ancient Mayans’ mysteries by visiting Altan Hua and Lamanai. You can also snorkel along some of Belize’s incredible reefs, including Caye Caulker and the Northern Cayes. For bird enthusiasts, the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-see. Hol Chan Marine Reserve, located off the coast of Ambergris Caye, is a popular day trip in Belize and an excellent place to begin. Get your bookings done with United Airlines flight Booking and explore these places.

Old Belize City

Belize City is a fun-filled adventure waiting for you. Old Belize is a one-stop-shop where you can relax on the beach, participate in water sports, and learn about Belize’s history and culture all under one roof. If you only have a short time in Belize, you should go to Old Belize. To give you the full experience, everything from the rainforest to a Mayan ceremonial cave is recreated. You should definitely take the 45-minute comprehensive guided tour. The museum covers all aspects of Belize that you’ll be interested in, including natural, cultural, and historical aspects. United Airlines Reservations provides amazing flying conditions and services for travelers.

The Cathedral of St. John’s

The Cathedral of St. John’s, the only surviving building from Belize’s colonial era, is a testament to the country’s colonial past. Not only is St. John’s the oldest cathedral in Central America, but it is also the only church outside of England where kings have been crowned. The cathedral, built from bricks transported to the-British Honduras, has a story to tell with its mahogany pews and sapodilla wood roof. Don’t miss out on the pipe organ and the tombstones, which speak of a turbulent period in Belize’s history. Book your tickets with United Airlines ticket booking and visit The Cathedral of St. John’s.

Belize City’s Museum of Belize

The Museum of Belize, a popular tourist attraction in the Fort George area, is located on the site of the former Belize jail. In its heyday, the museum was known as “Her Majesty’s Prison,” and it has preserved one jail cell as a museum exhibit, where you can even see graffiti drawn by the inmates of the jail cell. Don’t be put off by its small size; good things, after all, come in small packages. The Museum of Belize is jam-packed with interesting artifacts, the most notable of which are the Mayan exhibits.

The Government House 

The Government House, also known as the House of Culture, is located next to St. John’s Cathedral. The Government House, Belize’s second oldest structure, served as the residence of superintendents and other government officials during the days of British Honduras. The Government House, which was later converted into a cultural museum, remains an important historical and political landmark in Belize. Among the artifacts on display are archival records, documents, and photos, as well as original furnishings.

The Image Factory

The Image Factory, Belize’s best art gallery, hosts monthly exhibitions, each one more innovative and exciting than the last. Through these exhibitions, the true talent of Belize comes to life by promoting local talent. Despite the fact that they host an exhibition every month, the Image Factory has a permanent collection of sculptures, photos, and, of course, works of art. Visit United airlines official site for more details on flight timings and schedules.

Top 7 Places To Visit in Liberia?

Liberia- a country on the west African coast, also represented a renewed sense of liberty for former slaves. This land of lush green forests represents a nod to the homeland, as well as a country to rule on its own. However, growing from the roots of colonialism in West Africa was never going to be simple. The land area is 43,000 square miles, and its population is around 5 million. There are many attractions which you can explore.

Seven Top Attractions of Liberia

Sapo National Park

Sapo national park is a great way to explore the natural and forest life of Liberia. The Sapo National Park is the most well-known of Liberia’s two national parks. It is located in Sinoe and is the largest protected area of the rainforest. The Upper Guinean Rainforest’s 1,804 square kilometers region is reported to have one of the most significant animal biodiversity counts anywhere on the planet. As a result, Sapo national park is the most popular place in Liberia. If you are lucky enough, you can get a chance to say hi to white-crested Diana monkeys, crocodiles, leopards, speckle-throated otters, and chimpanzees.

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The king of all Liberia’s surfing locations, Robertsport has firmly established itself at the forefront of the country’s new tourist campaign.

Surf schools are also springing up to bring first-time surfers out on the waves, while others will just come to stroll the coastal lengths to view the beautiful expanses of Cape Mount Bay and the distinctive timber and stone churches.


Gbarnga, famous as the second most populated city of Liberia. This place offers a beautiful beach view. The beach settlement of Buchanan, located about three hours by rumbling bush taxi south of the capital of Monrovia, is an excellent introduction to the coastal character of this region of West Africa. The beaches are all completely undeveloped, with swaying palm palms and groups of local kids playing in the shallows. You will experience a perfect shade of African culture at this place.

Many people choose to camp here under the sky, while others may prefer hotels in the city. As a result, Gbarnga becomes an intriguing location to explore. Some people also prefer popular seaside sites when a few spectacular waterfalls and earthy guesthouses are added. For best deals on tickets, check Southwest Airlines Reservations.

Lofa-Mano National Park

The Lofa-Mano National Park has been renamed the Gola National Forest, situated in Gbarpolu and Grand cape mount cities. It is a vast expanse of primeval rainforest that stretches along its northern border with Sierra Leone. The location is full of natural landscapes, waterfalls. You can also see birds, small and big forest animals here. Some places inside the forest are incredibly untouched and pure. People also come here for research on forest life. You can see rare species of birds, plants, and animals in this forest.

The area contains everything you’d expect from an authentic West African wilderness, including one of the region’s densest surviving areas of Upper Guinean woodland.


Tourists will only flock to the laid-back Marshall’s ocean-side reaches for two reasons. The first is its scattering of deserted beaches, each surrounded by green patches of the palm forest and mangrove swamps and ideal for some genuinely adventurous camping on the Liberian coast. The second is the suitably titled Monkey Island archipelago. During the civil war, they were rescued from research labs and are now particularly fond of hanging on the boughs, mocking tourists, and catapulting luscious fruit from their branches at passing boats – be wary.


The city of Harper, located in the extreme south of Liberia, where the bends of the African panhandle give way to the beaches of the Ivory Coast, boasts both natural and human attractions. To begin, the coastlines to the northwest and south of town are surrounded by beautiful Robinson Crusoe sands, with swinging coconut trees bristling against the Atlantic gusts at their backs. Then there are the remains of Liberia’s original slave settlers, who are considered to have initially begun shaping the present state on the grounds of Cape Palmas, where Harper now sits. This heritage may be seen in the age-stained colonial frontispieces and arcaded plantation-style houses. Here you can explore beaches, go sea fishing, sightseeing, camping or boating. You can book Southwest Airlines tickets online from your nearest airport to visit Harper.


It is a beautiful small, and one of the most popular entry points to the Sapo. It is also known as the Seno rocket. Greenville is no stranger to travelers. The local people of Greenville are so friendly to guests. You can explore local markets and shops.

While most visitors merely fill up and move off to view the chimpanzees and unique jungles of the reserve, those who stay will discover a fascinating legacy of Liberia’s resettlement era. After all, the town still has the nickname of its namesake in Mississippi. There are also several intriguing settlements to explore up the Sinoe River’s courses, as well as some unspoiled beaches along the west coast. In addition, you can explore its sand beaches and its wave sound. The sunrise and sunset also seem beautiful from this place. So book your Southwest Airlines tickets and enjoy a sunset view on these golden beaches.

Best time to visit Liberia:

The best time to visit Liberia is December-January and the early days of February. The average temperature of Liberia in Jan is 21°C-31°C. You can also visit in May or the Rainy season.

Where to Stay:

Hotels, Resorts, and homestays are available in Liberia. Beachfront resorts, including the exquisite Libassa Lodge, an eco-hotel built in collaboration with the forestry authorities. Robert sport, with deserted golden beaches and a thick mane of the jungle, is one of the best places to enjoy a stay and view.

Liberia may be tiny, but it lacks natural beauty, so get out into the wild while you’re here. It is a land of waterfalls, lush green forests, and chimpanzees. This place has significant beauty and value and is worth visiting once in a lifetime so visit Southwest Airlines official Site and book your tickets.

Amazing Things to do with Family in Hartford

Home of two American literary personalities – Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe – Hartford shouldn’t be skipped from your U.S. summer itinerary. This beautiful city is packed with several museums, open parks, and other wonderful attractions that are worth a stop for a morning or afternoon. This capital city of the U.S. state of Connecticut is a way more beautiful destination than your imagination.

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Explore the Mark Twain House & Museum

Take some deep insights into the personalities of Samuel (Mark Twain) and Olivia “Livy” Clemens at the Mark Twain House & Museum. Visitors are offered guided tours of the historic house and hear engaging stories revealing somewhat eccentric habits of the entire family. That sounds superb, no? Then, make your travel plans, now!!

Grab a game at Dunkin’ Donuts Park

Don’t forget to catch a play performance of the celebrated regional baseball team – Hartford Yard Goats! The Minor League’s New Britain Rock Cats was relocated to Hartford in 2016 and then they were reborn as the Hartford Yard Goats and took up residence at this popular new Dunkin’ Donuts Park. If you are excited too, then make your ticket booking from the Spirit Airlines Flight Booking portal and get amazing family vacation offers.

Admire finest American art collections

Spare some time from your Hartford journey for the Wadsworth Atheneum! It is the oldest free public museum in America and also houses more than 50,000 works of finest American arts. Wadsworth Atheneum also features a surreal European collection of works by Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, and René Magritte.

Interactive activities at Connecticut Science Center

Enjoy world-class hands-on exhibits at the Connecticut Science Center! The center is famed for its state-of-the-art 3D digital theater, four educational labs, plus daily programs, and various interactive events. This is a must-visit destination of Hartford and is specially designed for kids to learn something unique and specific, to really enhance their scientific approach and experience.

Dedicated especially to Children

Made plans to visit the city of Hartford with your kids? Yes? Then reserve seats from the Spirit Airlines Reservations portal and get your tickets booked without any hassle. Spend your day at the much-appreciated destination among kids – The Children’s Museum! The museum offers exciting hands-on fun activities with topics on science and nature for younger children, curious families, school, and various community groups.

Beautiful Cathedral of St. Joseph

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the beautiful marvel of St. Joseph cathedral will take your breath away! The earlier building was destroyed by fire and the new building was designed in a more modern interpretation of the Gothic style, giving a spectacular glimpse of the history of Hartford.

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Best Places To Visit In Liberia

Liberia, located in Costa Rica’s northwest region, emerged as a central entry point to some of the country’s most fascinating destinations. With a community of around 55,000 people as well as its own airport terminal, this metropolis is an excellent starting point for a road trip of Costa Rica, where you can appreciate the neighbouring rainforests, volcanic activity, and tropical islands of Guanacaste’s Gold Coast.

Liberia, one of Costa Rica’s oldest cities, seems to have a wealthy history of colonialism and also a distinctive local cowboy cultural heritage, which generates fascinating tourism potential. So if you are thinking of traveling to Liberia, United Airlines Flight Booking service can be a great choice for you.

Things to do in Liberia

Raft the tenorio river- The Tenorio River is a must-see for thrill seekers looking for things to do here in Liberia. A whitewater rafting trip begins in Las Caas, 50 kilometers southeast of Liberia, and takes you through several of Costa Rica’s most challenging creeks. All through the trip, you’ll encounter a variety of class III and IV rapids prior to actually gearing up yourself for the 12-foot class V cascade.

Know The history of Guanacaste region- Liberia, as a main centre for the region of Guanacaste, is home to thousands of exhibitions and heritage sites which highlight the region’s cultural importance. Discover about the surrounding area and its heritage at the Museo de Guanacaste, which is housed during an old armory/jailhouse. The Museo de Sabanero, a further tourist attraction, recognizes the municipal cowboy culture and is among the most popular destinations in Liberia, Guanacaste. If you are curious to buy United Airlines tickets you can visit their official site.

Discover the wildlife in Palo verde National Park- Palo Verde National Park is home to over 300 species of birds, which include Costa Rica’s biggest number of waterbirds. This park is a must-see for birdwatching enthusiasts, but it is also enticing to everyone taking an interest in wildlife observations. Chimpanzees, coatis, and crocodiles are among the other animals found here.

Ride Horseback to Oropendola waterfall- Rincón de la Vieja National Park is home to more than just volcanic activity. The surrounding forest landscape is diversified, with wonderful waterfalls that enjoy a tour in and of themselves. The most common, Oropendola Waterfall, is 25 meters high and can be reached on foot or by horseback through the wooded Las Pailas trail. Of course, on these steep slopes, heading for a horseback ride is not only exciting, but it is also the greatest realistic way to get around. If you want to know more about United flights you can check out United Airlines official Site  where you can find all the details about it.

6 Best Tourist Places in Ottawa with United Airlines ?

Ottawa has been a major center of attraction that has been flourishing since the 1820s. The Parliament building, attractions in Gatineau and the province of Quebec has been loved by many visitors. Read this blog to know what are the places you can visit in Ottawa and make sure you book your reservations through United Airlines Reservations.

Top 6 places to visit in Ottawa

Parliament Hill

The Parliament hill has been built in a Victorian Gothic sandstone which is quite a beautiful sight because its 50 metre high that overlooks the Ottawa River. The entrance is beautiful and has been untouched since the fire in 1916. You can visit the sprawling historical centre block that is guided ad also attended by the public when there is a session on.

Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal connects the Ottawa with Kingston on the beautiful Lake Ontario which is 200 km long. You can have a whole day planned where you can relax on the route of Montreal and Lake Ontario, the military used to travel through this route during the War in the 1812.

Canadian War

It is located near the Ottawa river, it is strikingly modern which explores the Canadin Militia. It has various exhibits that covers everything from the French war which the Canadian contributed to in the first and second wars. There are other roles which have been played by Canadian military. Some of the famous items of the exhibits are the tanks, jeeps and the motorcycles and even the Hitler’s limo.

National Gallery of Canada

The Ultra-modern designed by the famous architect Moshe Safdie is an architectural heaven built with glass and is shaped like a prism. The glass has contrasting colors and is a mock of medieval Chateau Larier which fits the Ottawan cityscape.

Inside the museum you will find the amazing art gallerys and trace of religious artwork which is famous for the European impressionism and the Inui art.

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Peace Tower

The panoramic view from the observation sight deck is at the top of the peace tower and is the highest point of Ottawa which is worth clicking photos of and enjoying the serenic beauty of the city. You will get a view of the tower bells and the memorial hall which displays the canadian who were martyrs in world wars.

Other places that are enjoyed by the tourists:

Canadian Museum of Nature

The Canadian museum of Nature takes the visitors back to the dinosaur era and has been one of the famous national natural science and history museums which is the birthplace of the Canadian National museums.

National War Memorial

The national war memorial and the Canada tomb of the Unknown is at the foot of the big bronze sculpture of the world war soldiers which has been erected with a granite arch. The base of the statue is called as the response.


The Canadian Cold war museum is located outside Ottawa which is in the large underground facility which had been constructed in the early 1960s to keep the government of Canada under protection. It had been built as self-sufficient and the shock-resistant underground shelters that also keep the radiation out.

The thing to do in Ottawa:

  • Visit the famous Canadian Tulip festival
  • Stroll through and buy fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables at the Byward Market
  • Row your boat merrily at the Dows lake pavilion
  • Visit the Royal Canadian Mint which is fascinated by a lot of tourists mainly on the weekdays that can see the craftsmen at work and you can get real gold ingots here. You should always plan your spot well in advance as it always is pre-booked b the tourists.
  • Visit the famous Canadian civil and military aviation center.

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