Is GMAT Coaching Helpful?

Several test-takers believe that the GMAT can be studied without the help or assistance of any coach. They believe it can be done by formulating a GMAT preparation strategy and practising several questions to understand the concepts that are being tested on the GMAT. While this may be true for those who are confident in their understanding of concepts of math and English, often students find the GMAT quite tricky and overwhelming when they actually sit down to practice. This article will tell you why GMAT coaching is helpful, when it is advisable to start your learning with the help of an expert and how it can help you achieve your target score.

Is GMAT Coaching Necessary to Achieve Your Dream Score?

Whether GMAT coaching is necessary or not, depends on where you actually stand when it comes to your familiarity with the GMAT test. Hence, to begin with, it is essential you take a GMAT mock test. Based on the scores you receive on the mock test you will know exactly whether to opt for GMAT coaching, delay it or take it up at the start of your preparations.

Here are two possible score ranges that you may fall within. Based on the range your GMAT score lies in we recommend the following steps:

  1. GMAT mock test score less than 500
  2. GMAT mock test score between 500 and 650

In the first scenario if your GMAT scores are below 500 it implies you are not thorough with the basics of the quant and verbal sections that are tested on the GMAT. Hence, before you opt for a GMAT coaching institute it is essential you complete your basic review of Math and English grammar. You can review the basics of the quant and verbal topics by accessing GMAT preparation books pertaining to each section of the exam or hiring a tutor who can teach you a particular topic you find challenging. Once you are familiar and confident with the fundamental aspects of the topics covered on the GMAT, you can decide to take up GMAT coaching to help you push yourself towards your dream score. By going in early into GMAT prep classes, you may find the methods of coaching slightly overwhelming since your foundations are not very strong.

However, if you find yourself anywhere within the score range of 500 to 650, it is recommended to opt for an institute to help you progress with your GMAT preparation towards your dream score. If your mock test scores lie within the range of 500 and 650 it implies you’re familiar with the basic concepts. Hence, you may need guidance in solving tricky questions faster by using shortcuts and strategies.

GMAT coaching centers can help you achieve mastery over the GMAT syllabus by teaching you helpful tricks and essential time management strategies. Most GMAT institutes have a dedicated preparation plan that revolves around reviewing topics, solving problems and taking mock tests to gauge your progress. Coaching for the GMAT exam has proven to be helpful for several test-takers and this credits to the intensive preparation plan that a GMAT preparation institute takes you through. With study plans that are designed to offer flexibility, you can easily balance between work and preparing for the GMAT. Most coaching centers also offer weekend classes and one-on-one training sessions.

Now that you know what is the importance of GMAT coaching and how it helps, you’re better positioned to decide before spending on an expensive course offered by an institute. Remember to start with a GMAT mock test so you can get a thorough understanding of what your current level of preparation is.