How to get high-quality custom die-cut packaging? 6 easy ideas

When it comes to packaging, die-cutting is the most preferred choice of businesses. It gives a trendy and adorable look to your custom boxes. Die-cutting is done by using a specialized tool that stamps the pattern on the required material. Cardboard or paperboard is the most commonly used option for die cut packaging. It can be used with interesting customizations for a variety of retail products. Some designers feel constricted to stay to the standard template. They fail to take the advantage of the limitless potential of custom die-cutting. However, if done properly it can produce amazing results. Whether you are a large-scale business or a startup, custom die cut boxes are the best way to promote your business. It increases the visibility of your products in the marketplace, making them more appealing to the customers. Just think outside the box and create unforgettable designs for your custom die cut packaging. Here are 6 amazing ideas to experiment with:

Strengthen a Logo with Custom Die Cut:

Die-cutting always works well to impress the customers. It is an effective way to put forward your brand in front of a large audience. Whenever a customer comes across a die-cut packaging, he is automatically attracted towards cut highlighted areas. As a logo is a primary design element of every business therefore, creating it by using a die-cut pattern can play a significant role in success. No matter whatever technique you use for logo designing, always emphasize highlighting its unique shape by cutting around the outline. If your packaging is made from cardstock, you can cut the logo directly on it. Custom die cut packaging helps to offer a wonderful 3-dimensional impression on people.

Encourage Tangible Interaction:

The designers focus more on how your packaging looks apparently. They completely forget that a customer can use other senses too. A full-color die-cut printed and packaging solution does not only looks good but also feels great. You can touch it physically with your hands same like you can see it with your eyes. If you use custom die-cut vinyl lettering or a sticker design, it looks adorable as well as feels great. Such packaging strengthens the recipient’s memory. For example, when you hand over a product packed in a die-cut custom printed box, the sensation is amazing as it feels like you have come across something extraordinary. The die-cut shapes reflect the quality and help in grabbing the attention of a large audience.

Highlight an Image using Custom Die Cuts:

It’s another easy idea to get good quality packaging. If you want to highlight the design or the image more effectively, the custom die-cut is an ideal option to consider. It makes you remove the unwanted white spaces, making the actual design more prominent. One die-cut image is capable enough to describe the entire brand. For example, when you die cut the image of your product, it highlights the whole story. Even if you cut its small part, die-cutting helps to enhance its display.  You might have seen businesses using custom die-cut stickers, or vinyl lettering, to give their packaging a mesmerizing look.  Cut the entire shape to enhance the customers’ experience of touch and feel. When you use a die-cut image to design your packaging boxes, the dominant visual elements are toned down to create a more easy focus. Your design might look sturdy visually. But when you add a die-cut around the important components, the attention of the customers is drawn automatically towards the essential parts of the picture.

Create a Distinguishable Object:

The custom die-cut technology highlights your brand by modifying and personalizing the templates as per your choice. This can be done by creating a pattern inspired by a cut shape. Moreover, it should be relevant to your brand’s theme as well as have the power to transform the required target area into a compelling visual element. So, while designing your die cut boxes, use thematic business images in a shape similar to the product.

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Die Cutting Typography:

Image-based visuals are not always the requirement for every brand. Sometimes, text-based designs are also preferred to attract customers. If you want to create a dynamic design, a custom die-cut is a great way to achieve it. The customers of today are not usually attracted to simple text. When you use custom die-cut packaging, the audience loves to touch the text shape. It appears more eye-catchy creating a reliable and robust impression on the customers. Stencils are an effective way to highlight the text. They create a popping effect on your custom packaging. The text-based designs created by die-cutting add a vibrant approach and make the design more appealing.

Get Your Functional Die Cuts:

Die-cuts are not only for aesthetics, rather they can be used for functional enhancement due to their versatility.  The rounded-off edges are more durable, practical to use, and add exclusivity along with increasing the visual display. The functional die-cuts help to organize things efficiently for both the businesses as well as the customers. Let us take the example of these packaging boxes. Die-cutting is used to make inner sections to place the product more safely inside.