Unique places to visit in Cali?

Calima culture

The very famous city named Cali settled in Colombia has many spectacular lookup points. This city’s history date back to almost 100 years back. The Calima culture is an archaeological culture that can be recognized in terms of crafts in various varieties like ceramic, geometric decoration and goldsmithing.

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Museum ofLa Merced Archaeological

This museum has a special attraction during the cultural afternoon located in the historic center of Cali. We would recommend our readers to pay a visit and get amazed while looking up the stunning monuments, the archaeological museum, the colonial and religious art museum, and the chapel of Our Lady of Mercy and many like such that are homed here. This is a beautiful museum and is worth visiting.

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San Pedro Cathedral

This cathedral is a must visit the area for the tourist and this monument you will find the most fascinating. This famous cathedral is located at the corner of streets 11 and 5, built in the baroque style in1772. You will find inside the cathedral decorationworks of the Quiteña school, and it is famous as the central ornament that represents Lord Caido since the 18th century. This cathedral provides enormous peace and tranquillity to your mind, so don’t forget to pay a visit to this blessed place.

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Calima lake

If you are bored of architectural buildings and need some change, visit this beautiful lake, Calima. You would stay here the whole day and relish many seawater activities like Kitesurfing and Windsurfing. The lake has a stunning background of rugged mountains and is located 100km from Cali. Here you will find good support of winds for water sports activity and allows other as well like sports playing and many more. This place is an ideal tourist destination during the weekends.

Salsa tour

Being in this city and not practicing Salsa is simply impossible. Have an exciting and enthralling feeling at this Cauca Valley in southern Colombia, famous worldwide as the origin of Salsa, dance and street parties. There is deep sucked historical sites and many sites for entertainment. Also, trek around the Cristo Rey to capture the panoramic view of the whole city. Explore more in the two salsa schools.

Museum of cane sugar:

This museum is a world-famous museum of sugar cane production and serves as an integral part of life for the people of Cali. This museum is a part of the hacienda Piedechinche which is nearby the Palmira and El Cerrito. This place has enough to learn here, which is found nowhere in the city.

The San Antonio neighbourhood

If you are done with this city, then now its time to explore the nearby areas like the famous San Antonio neighborhood. This spectacular historical zone in the Cali will find the old iconic architectural designed houses.

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Cali Zoo

This zoo is the most beautiful in all of Colombia and is famous for its natural habitat of caged animals. Here you will find the animals have more freedom than any zoo. This zoo has over 233 different species. A Cali River flows beside the zoo, and you will be amazed by the spectacular view it showers while walking right through the jungle cum zoo. This zoo allows kids free passes and offers much recreational fun activity for them too. Cherish every moment here and have a good meal along with the local street food here.

This place has immense peaceful and breath-taking views that can solely feel through your eyes.

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